Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday Quesadillas

These were really good. I found the recipe on Whole Food's website (that was the theme this week). I changed up the cooking method, but all the ingredients really worked well together (sauteed onion, yellow bell pepper, and olive oil mixed with black beans and shredded cheese). I put the buttered tortillas onto a cookie sheet, filled each one with the ingredients, then topped them with another buttered tortilla. I put the oven on broil and cooked them for about 4 minutes per side (be sure to watch so you don't burn them!! All ovens are different... mine even has multiple personalities depending on the day of the week/year). These are super tasty with some guacamole (secret- add some garlic salt and a half teaspoon of mayonnaise-- makes for a great consistency and taste).

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