Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shells with Homemade Super Veggie Pasta Sauce Thursday

I had made these shells a couple of weeks ago and froze them (they contain cottage cheese, Borsin cheese, spinach, parsley, and probably a few other things). For the sauce, I brewed a big pot almost all day (at least 4 hours). I threw in so many vegetables that I had ground up in the food processor- onion, garlic, red bell pepper, 3 whole squashes (not yellow and not zucchini.. starts with a C and I can't even remember the name of it!), lots of carrots. I sauteed these in olive oil for a few minutes, then threw in two cans of diced tomatoes and a small can of sauce. I also put about a cup of red wine, a bay leaf, lots of spices (red pepper flakes, oregano, cumin, fennel, onion powder, salt and pepper). It turned out really nicely and I hope some of the good stuff from the veggies stayed in the sauce after the long day of cooking!!

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