Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bocca Burgers and Cilantro Celery Salad Wednesday

So hubby will grill the Bocca Burgers on the grill... with cheese and fresh onions on top. I'm going to attempt a cilantro celery salad (because I have those things in abundance in my fridge). I think I'll make it somewhat like this:

Several celery stalks cut up in small bite size pieces
Very thinly sliced onion strips
Cilantro leaves, sliced
Balsamic Vinegar, Mustard, Agave Nectar, Olive Oil, S&P
Possibly some homemade croutons

It doesn't look all that great, but it's pretty good!!

1 comment:

Building Mum said...

Grilled Bocca Burgers - 5 Stars (well, at least Cooper ate the bun!!)

Celery salad - 2 Stars (Dad and Mom only. Boys liked the plain celery)