Monday, August 23, 2010

Grits 'N Greens

Oh my goooooodnesssss!!!

Why have I not found this awesome recipe before in my 21 years of life (haha)!!???!!!
This Grits 'N Greens was so yummy tonight!! I did a few variations (didn't have instant grits- cooked them from scratch the first time ever!!! and I had to cook the collard greens on the stove top) but overall, this recipe was really easy, very satisfying and super tasty!! I'm definitely adding this one to my rotation and to my top 50 list!! Thank you Budget Bytes! You never fail to make my family happy!!

First - the trick is in the stirring of the grits (it feels like it's constantly for 20 minutes). I used one cup of grits to 3 cups water, a pinch of salt, and boiling/stirring for about 20 minutes.

Second - I didn't have collard greens already wilted, so I poured myself a glass of white wine (a big one), cleaned the greens, and wilted them in olive oil (about a tablespoon), salt and a hot pan.

Third - the greens are wilted! And oh-so yummy!!

Finally - throw them all together with some butter, salt and pepper, and you've got yourself a super winner!!

Disclaimer : these eggs are from Whole Foods (Texas) and have not been added to the eggs salmonella list yet!! Yay!

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