Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vegetable (not) Fried Rice

We had the Vegetable (not) Fried Rice tonight from Budget Bytes website. Of course, I have to change it up, so we didn't add the bell peppers (yuck - too much burping for me thank you!), but instead doubled up the carrots and added some edamame and two eggs (instead of just one). We need lots of protein in this house of growing boys!!

Also, here is what I'm serving up for tomorrow's lunch for the boys. I think they'll dig it. It's basically celery with ranch dressing (we'll see if they actually use the ranch), some Whole Foods turkey in tortillas with mayo and grated carrots, some homemade carrot bread with cream cheese (yum!), Annie's bunny choco chip cookies, and a Stoneyfield Farms YoKids Yogurt. I'm pretty sure these boxes will be cleaned out (as long as my 4 year old's teacher lets him eat the cookies - they usually let them keep those around for after school snack).

Oh- and I'm so mad that my husband's iPhone 4 takes such better pictures than my mere year old iPhone model. Can you tell which picture he took and which one I took? Yea, me too.

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