Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuna Pea Wiggle on Bread Tuesday

Okay-- this definitely was a meal I remember from my early days. I'm not sure if it's exactly how mom made it or not, but it was comforting. Chaz hated the peas, but munched down on it when the peas were taken out. Cooper ate the entire thing and said "YUMMMMM" with every single bite!! This one goes down as one of the most frugal and quickest meals yet!!

I got this from Budget 101
(who's URL isn't working at the moment--ahhh!!)

Tuna Pea Wiggle

3 T. Margarine (I used butter)
3 T. Flour
dash of salt
1½ c. Milk
1 can Tuna, drained
1 can Peas, Drained

Melt butter, add flour, mix till pasty, add milk and stir constantly over medium heat until thicken and bubbling slightly, (do not bring to a rolling boil). Add the tuna and peas. Stirring constantly until bubbling.

Serve over toast or biscuits or saltine crackers.

I also felt like showing off Chaz's lunch box again. It's always so pretty with all the colors!! Unfortunately, it came home with most of the broccoli still in there. Amazingly, all the Oreos hadn't been eaten either! Very odd day at school... he must have been talking more than eating! At least he ate one of the PBJs and most of the watermelon.

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GritsGirl said...

looks like a great way to have tuna..will def try!