Sunday, October 5, 2008

Oct. 6- Oct. 12 Menu

Monday- Salmon Cakes with Salad and Green Beans (cook chicken for lunches today)
Tuesday- Picnic at National Night Out (bringing fruit salad and plates) (cook eggs for lunches)
Wednesday- Angel Hair Pasta and Meatballs (homemade sauce)
Thursday- Bean and Cheese Tostadas (PTA meeting) (cook Mac and Cheese for lunches)
Friday- Black Bean, Sweet Potato, and Corn Tacos (make lentil/rice casserole for food tree)
Saturday- Salmon Filet with Couscous and Salad
Sunday- Tuna Melts with Salad

Monday- Hot dogs, Rice (or couscous), Grapes, Green Beans
Tuesday- Chicken, Salad, Apple Slices, Pretzels
Wednesday- PBJ, Popcorn, Egg, Salted Cucumber
Thursday- Tuna, Crackers, Orange, Snack Mix
Friday- Mac and Cheese, Bacon, Corn, Grapes

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