Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Potato and Veggie Soup Tuesday

I made some pretty yummy potato soup I found on I changed the recipe up just a little (I had cream of mushroom soup on hand, not cream of celery), I added some red and orange bell peppers chopped up small, an entire onion (instead of 1/4) and we added cheese to the top of our soup.. yum! We all munched down on it.

For lunch, the boys had this: Tortillas with Nutella inside (neither boy touched theirs), turkey rolls (barely eaten), cookie and yogurt pretzel (not touched by Chaz), and peas/crackers (not eaten). Turns out Chaz was sick at lunch, so that's why his food was still intact when he came home. Luckily, he ate two bowls of healthy soup for dinner. Oh- and two bowls of vanilla ice cream!

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